Matahari Indonesia

silver pegasus!

You are Silver Pegasus type, who looks active, and gives an impression of being a tomboy.
You are extremely cheerful and good natured.
You can easily get emotional and start crying, you are rather too soft hearted.
Also, you are very obstinate and simple minded.
You easily give up on things and have weak will power to finish what you have started.
You tend to be sarcastic and critical, but on the other hand, you can show great devotion and dedication.
Your attitude lacks steadiness, and is always changing.
You always worry about what the other people are thinking and can be bit too sensitive.
But you are a person who naturally becomes a center of everything.
Your fast movement earns people’s respect.
You have a natural born leader type of talent.
You will struggle on the contradiction between your ideals and real world.
You may end up doing something beyond one’s imagination, so you must try to have self-control.
If you are opposed by someone, and although you know that they are right, you can not take it in easily.
You will be more successful if you can try not to go against people around you.
You tend to give too much attention to your family than to your lover.
This may cause a trouble in that your lover may feel jealous about you being too affectionate to your family than to him.
You should not force your convenience to him, and try to give him more affection.
You are more suited as a career person than to stay at home.
But once you get married you will take care of your family with great affection.

Hmm. Maybe yes, maybe not. Whaddaya think?


About zsami

Currently studying Multimedia Design in Bandung Institute of Technology and working as freelance comic artist and illustrator. Still trying to live life to the fullest and be grateful for everything.

2 responses to “Doubutsu-Uranai

  1. zsaaaaa, aku udah nyoba juga hihihihi. mostly bener ya zsaaaa hahahaha

  2. haha, iya liv, aku juga kaget, kok bisa banget sih DU baca karakter org sampe segitunya? lol.

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