A Spirit Boost from Gabriel Bá

Found this from somewhere;

Gabriel Bá, the comic artist of The Umbrella AcademyGerard Way‘s partner— has released a one time, special edition E-Comic of sorts about My Chemical Romance.

Comic property of Gabriel Bá, all rights reserved.

“At home, they’re just regular guys, really. But on that stage, they were much more than that.

They were a dream come true.

In our dreams, all the unlikely things might happen. In our dreams, everything is possible.

That’s what music is all about : dreams.

And that’s what comicbooks are all about too.

And that’s why I was there. I love music and I love comics.

I’m part of the dream. We all are.”

And so am I. I love music and I love comics. Music is my hidden passion.
Now, I’m on my way to reaching my all of my dreams.
Wish me luck.

About zsami

Currently studying Multimedia Design in Bandung Institute of Technology and working as freelance comic artist and illustrator. Still trying to live life to the fullest and be grateful for everything.

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